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Terms and conditions of Use

Please, read this contract with attention before using the Web. By registering as a "User" of the Web, and by clicking the button " I accept ", you give your agreement onto the conditions which appear below. The information and the services are offered to you by Escapade SIA, S.L. for Domos S.L., a Spanish company:

Domos S.L.
Carrer Onofre Arnau, 29-31 2on 6è
08301 Mataró

2. Copyrights and Trademarks

Domos S.L.. All rights reserved. The marks and logos of Escapade are trade marks of Escapade SIA, SL like all the titles, characters, names and graphics used in conjunction with the website. All the other quoted marks are the property of their respective holders. All the documentation contained in the website is the property of Escapade or of Domos S.L. and is also protected by copyright, brands, brands of services and other rights of property. You accept not to copy, modify, distribute or sell the contents of these Website, in whole or part, nor to create derived products of them.

3. Age and responsability

You declare that you are at least 18 years old and to possess the right and ability to accept this agreement and to use this Web site in accordance with the stated conditions. You accept the financial responsibility rising from the use of the web site (as well as for use of your account by others, in particular, and in a nonrestrictive way, by minors living with you).

4. Information to the Users

As a User of this Web site, you certify that all information that you submitted (name, addresses, information on the means of payment) is veracious and exact. If necessary, Domos S.L. reserves the right to terminate this agreement, to prohibit the use of the Website to you and to claim a compensation for any loss having been pulled by your information.

5. Maintenance of the Site Without any notice

Escapade under the name of Domos S.L. has the right to close whole or part of the Website for maintenance or improvement reasons. Escapade and Domos S.L. cannot in case be held responsible for the problems or losses resulting from such a closing.

6. Confidentiality and private life

The personal information that you transmit to Domos S.L. will remain confidential. Domos S.L. does not exchange, does not rent, and does not sell personal information of its Users. Some general information and statistics can be entrusted at external organizations and companies, but in no case the personal data of the Users. You have a right of access, rectification and deletion of your personal information Spanish law, Ley Orgánica 15/1999 of 12.13.1999 (LOPD) and Ley Orgánica 34/2002 of 07.11.2002 (LSSICE). You can exercise this right contacting Domos S.L., Carrer Onofre Arnau, 29-31 2on 6è, 08301 Mataró, clicking "here" or sending an e-mail to We make a commitment to take all the precautions to protect the safety of your personal information and to prevent that there are deformed, damaged or communicated to third parties. As indicated by the legislation, you have the right to consult, to modify and to delete your personal data by sending a message to Domos S.L.,, or by fax at 937553263.

7. Use of cookies

In Escapade we use cookies. A cookie is a tiny file which we put in your computer. Our goal is to simplify your navigation in our site, manage your favourites, etc... This file can not contain any kind of virus. You can always choose to disable these cookies, but in this case there will be some features in our site that yo can not use. For example: when you browse through our site, and still you don't have an user account, the rentals that you select as favourites are saved in a cookie.